Indoor silos

Tunetanken indoor silos are optimal solutions for indoor locations. Our fully moulded glass fiber silos are high quality products developed to secure the best conditions for supply, storage and effective discharge as well give your new silo a long-life expectancy.

Indoor silos are constructed in a module system that cater to almost every need. Tunetanken indoor silos are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material that is chemical and corrosion resistant, thermal insulated, electrical insulated, hygienic, robust, etc. Composite material has advantages such as smooth inside surfaces, non-slippery surfaces, insulating, and minimizes condensation, round corners and transitions securing high product quality. Different colour solutions are available.

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  • Large ventilation area protecting against overpressure.
  • Smooth internal surfaces with round corners to prevent accumulating media.
  • Minimal maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Dynamic mass flow and, thereby, high product quality.
  • Adjustable to all types of connections.
  • Exhausted air led to terrain through filter to keep silo and surroundings free of dust.
  • Supply pipe and pipe elbow with a large radius for separation of media at supply.
  • Flexible module system providing many different construction possibilities.
  • Sizes from 6 to 66 m³.
  • Fast and easy mounting.
  • Fiber-reinforced composite material with great strength and long life cycle.
  • Smooth internal surfaces with round corners for optimal extraction and cleaning.
  • Chemical resistance toward e.g., saline media.
  • Temperature resistance.
  • Leg extender.
  • Top for different connections.
  • Module constructed ladder system.
  • Railing system.
  • Manhole.
  • Inspection glass.
  • Walkway system.
  • Large programme of extra equipment i.e., level measure, inspection hatch.

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