Outdoor silos

Tunetanken outdoor silos are optimal storage and discharge solutions customisable to meet your requirements. Our fully moulded glass fiber silos are high product quality used to secure the best conditions for supply, storage and effective discharge as well as long life cycle.

Tunetanken outdoor silos are fully moulded in glass fiber-reinforced polyester. A unique composite material that along with custom designs and our great expertise will secure stable and well-functioning storage, service and operation conditions. Tunetanken outdoor silos can be customised with equipment e.g., modern level measures, smell filters, and customisable color.

Due to nearly five decades of production experience, Tunetanken silos are produced to meet high requirements for quality and functionality.

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  • Supply pipe and pipe elbow with large radius.
  • Clear or grey-white topcoat (RAL 9002).
  • Fully moulded to secure tightness.
  • Produced in glass fiber.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Insulating and robust material.
  • Long life cycle.
  • Smooth surfaces for optimal discharge and cleaning.
  • Large standard program with options.
  • High quality providing great recycle value.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Density: 0,65.
  • Composite material with unique properties.
  • Standard colour: Clear or grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Robust galvanised steel mount.
  • Long life cycle.
  • Chatter mark.
  • Manhole with hinged cover.
  • Ventilation pipe leading to terrain.
  • Customisable colour according to RAL color card.


VarietateConținutulDiametrulÎnălțimea totalăÎnălțimea liberăDistanța
FC138,4 t2.400 mm5.850 mm540/520 mm1.690 mm
FC1610,4 t2.400 mm6.550 mm540/520 mm1.690 mm
FC2113,7 t2.400 mm7.660 mm540/520 mm1.690 mm
FC2616,9 t2.400 mm8.750 mm540/520 mm1.690 mm
FC3220,8 t2.400 mm10.090 mm540/520 mm1.690 mm
FC4026 t3.000 mm9.140 mm540/520 mm2.110 mm
FC4529,3 t3.000 mm9.850 mm540/520 mm2.110 mm
FC5032,5 t3.000 mm10.560 mm540/520 mm2.110 mm
FC6039 t3.000 mm11.970 mm540/520 mm2.110 mm
FC7548,8 t3.000 mm13.800 mm540/520 mm1.500 mm
FC9058,5 t3.000 mm15.700 mm540/520 mm1.500 mm

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